Never Give Up!

One of the mottos for my life is ‘never give up.’ Even when everything around me seems like it is caving in, and I want to escape the danger by just giving up and taking the easy road, I try to keep going towards the goal. Just like Frodo in Lord of the Rings kept going towards the goal of destroying the Ring in the Mountain of Doom.

As I embark on my new adventures as a Master of Library and Information Science student, I see myself as pressing towards the target of graduation.

I will be building on my prior education consisting of a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History from Tyndale University College and a Library and Information Technician Diploma from Seneca College; both of which are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

My hope is that my studies will enhance my work as I run the day-to-day operations in the library at the International Christian School of Budapest. One day I dream working with other International schools to improve their libraries and help people access the information that they require.

When I am not working or studying I can be found reading a book for my classics book club, knitting, or hiking in the hills with my friends.


Andrea and Buda Castle

Budapest is beautiful city. Here I am pictured with the Buda Castle.

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3 Responses to Never Give Up!

  1. says:

    What a fascinating place you live and work! I I look forward to getting your unique perspective on things as we progress through this course.


  2. Jenny Clark says:

    Hi Andrea!

    I love that you referenced The Lord of the Rings, definitely one of my favorites! Looks like you live in a beautiful city – how exciting!



  3. Sarah Tarvid says:

    Oh Andrea, what an exciting adventure. I hope you will tell us more about it as the course goes on! And thank you for an inspiring and encouraging introductory post. Never give up! cheers ~sarah


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