We are on our way

Greetings follow classmates and anyone else who may be reading this!

I am excited to begin this journey in learning about the Hyperlinked Library with everyone. I have read Dr. Stephens column  “Office Hours” and blog of years, so I am excited to finally get to take a course with him.

I work as the librarian at the International Christian School of Budapest, which is a K-12 international school using American curriculum. In taking this course, I am hoping to learn more about making our library more participatory, so that the students will want to engage with it.

In my free time I like to read (of course), explore new places, and swim.

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7 Responses to We are on our way

  1. Kristen Amaral says:

    I love your theme! The flower is very beautiful.

    Look forward to getting to know you better.



  2. Katie Sacco says:

    Hi Andrea:

    So nice to meet you. Looking forward to getting to know you better

    Katie Sacco


  3. Jenny Clark says:

    I hope all in well in Budapest! Good to have another class with you!


  4. Oh! I would love to someday visit Budapest. So cool.

    Thanks for the thought about “Office Hours.” You’ll see many of the columns in our reading lists.This class always inspires me to explore ideas in that venue too so it is wonderfully cyclical.

    Welcome to #hyperlib!


  5. Andrea Meszaros says:

    @michael Budapest is a beautiful city! Are you coming to speak in Europe anytime soon?


  6. @ameszaros Not right now but I am hoping some things are in the works for 2016.


  7. Andrea Meszaros says:

    @michael I will keep my eyes open for your name and hope I will get to hear you speak next year.


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