In my last discussion post I latched onto the word change as the main theme throughout out readings for initial module in this course. While listening to the lecture and doing the readings for the participatory module the word creativity came to mind.

It’s our creativity which allows us to think outside of the standard library box of four walls housing a bunch of books. In the academic setting the James B. Hunt Jr. Library with its vibrant colors, modern furniture, and space for collaboration is the pinnacle of creative library design.


Take a look at this video  to get a feel of the space:

This still images give an even greater depth to the library (thank you to @michael for sharing them in ‘Things to explore’ section):


More rain garden from L4

When we take our creativity and transfuse it with our communities’ desire to share their knowledge and become part of the library it’s transformed into a place to gather, collaborate, create and share content.


This was done by Escondido Public Library’s Library You which Michael shared in “The Things to Explore” section. It is also being done by the Pima County Public Library where they have started a Seed Library. The Seed Library is a place for the community to learn to grow plants in the Arizona desert and give back by donating seeds they harvested from the seeds they received from the library.

The library has used a YouTube video (see below) to promote the Seed Library, as well as a Facebook page to promote events.


As an outsider looking in at the Seed Library project it appears to me that the program is a creative way for the Pima County Public Library to encourage users’ participation in the library and promote a healthy community by learning and sharing about gardening.


Please share about any creative participatory library programs you know about!




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4 Responses to Creativity

  1. Great videos!

    The whole “Outside the Lines” movement is a good example of participation to the nth gegree. Take a look here:


  2. Gina says:

    I went to a Seed Exchange last year as part of a leadership institute in Iowa. I found it amazing and fascinating how they had curators, archivists, librarians working with biologists and other scientists as well as agricultural specialists (farmers) to maintain and regrown the heirloom plants to harvest the seeds and then sell and share them to continue the garden heritage as they term it.
    Great example of a collective working to save the local heritage.

    Seed Savers –



  3. Andrea Meszaros says:

    @michael thank you for the example of ‘get out side the lines’. I looked up participating libraries and I found a link to a really cool library/gallery system in Ontario


  4. @ameszaros That example is incredible! Thanks for sharing.


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