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Virtual Symposium : Book Journey

Starting with our Context Book Report the Hyperlinked library class has encouraged me to read more books, I hope it has inspired you to read more books, too! View my Prezi to have The Book Journey of the semester and … Continue reading

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Creating a Public Imgage

In an extension to my post on connecting I would like to add some more of my thoughts on Dr. Stephens lecture about reflection. Besides his comment about the New Yorker article which caught my attention, his comments about creating a … Continue reading

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Director’s Brief: Instagram

Here is my Director’s Brief.  I wrote it for the ICSB High School principal, since she would be the person who would make the decision on the library having an Instagram account at our school. Here is the introduction to … Continue reading

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One of the big themes running through my life as a student this semester is connecting, mainly through connecting to others in the profession through the Internet. When Professor Stephens highlighted the quote from the New Yorker in his reflective … Continue reading

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Blast from the past!

I haven’t actually read this book yet, but I feel as though it might be based on some of the same fears we have with today’s media. It was published in 1990. Since I was a child then I’m looking … Continue reading

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