Creating a Public Imgage

In an extension to my post on connecting I would like to add some more of my thoughts on Dr. Stephens lecture about reflection. Besides his comment about the New Yorker article which caught my attention, his comments about creating a professional image and to go along with that personal branding. As budding librarians how should we preject ourselves on and offline?

A wholeheatedly agree with him that we should be willing to be someone who is known in the community and not be afraid to put our name and picture online. Sure, there is a chance that someone might use our information to our disadvantage, but think of all the advantages that it brings. As many of us are entering the job market, if we make the effort to be published, or recoginzed publically in some other way, when our resume lands on a hiring managers desk our name just might ring a bell and move us towards the top of the candidate list. And when I say published I don’t mean that it needs to be in a top research journal and take a lot of effort.  Just look at the comment I made on Dr. Stephens column, all I did was cut and paste my comment right off of this word press site and it was published in the letter to the editor section of LJ.

To help us all get started in the world of publishing the iSchool has a wiki of LIS publications and don’t forget the iSchool Descriptor Newsletter.

I look forward to reading your articles and see your names and faces online in the next coming weeks, months and years!


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4 Responses to Creating a Public Imgage

  1. Thanks for this affirmation of my ideas about being “out there.” I must admit it sometimes ruffles librarians who can’t see how important visibility can be to the community they serve. I’d love to see some published writing come out of this exceptionally group of #hyperlib students.


  2. Jenny Clark says:

    I totally agree @ameszaros! I am currently trying to get some pictures of staff on our website – I feel like it would make our website and staff feel more friendly and inviting! I don’t feel like I have written anything worthy of being published but I am definitely a big fan of blogging and plan on continuing it after school is over 🙂


  3. Andrea Meszaros says:

    @jclark2704 I think that you are a great writer and I’m sure you could publish somewhere if you wanted too! Maybe you could submit something to the iSchool Desriptor or even to your local newspaper about what’s happening in your library if it’s allowed. But if you don’t blogging is great, too! I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂


  4. Jenny Clark says:

    Thanks, @ameszaros! I have really enjoyed reading your blog this semester as well 🙂


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