Director’s Brief: Instagram

Here is my Director’s Brief.  I wrote it for the ICSB High School principal, since she would be the person who would make the decision on the library having an Instagram account at our school. Here is the introduction to give you a little taste of what I wrote:

We are living in a time when things are rapidly changing. When ICSB was founded in 1994 the World Wide Web was in its infancy and the first blog post was still waiting to be written. Fast forward to today, 2015, the world has changed significantly (Stephens, 2010, March 2). Our students are carrying around little computers, also known as mobile phones, in their hands. They use them to communicate with their friends anytime, anywhere. These devices are equipped with cameras and our students are using them to take photos and post them online. What if we used our students’ love of photography as a way to promote the library and all it has to offer? We can do this through the free online service Instagram. In this brief, I will explain to you what Instagram is and how it is used; ways in which other libraries are using it and how we can use it; some challenges; and lastly a short implantation plan.

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5 Responses to Director’s Brief: Instagram

  1. Kristen Amaral says:

    Good luck on this project! I hope you get to make it happen.:-)


  2. Jess says:

    I enjoyed reading over your brief @ameszaros. My library doesn’t have an Instagram account and your brief really laid out the options and possibilities having one could have!


  3. Andrea Meszaros says:

    @krislib I don’t think it will happen this year, but maybe for next?

    @jcaniglia I hope an Instagram account for your library work out 🙂


  4. Sarah Liberman says:

    @ameszaros, I found your brief very helpful in describing how Instagram works, its advantages and disadvantages. Even though it’s a popular social media tool, I haven’t yet used it, and your brief is thoughtful and exciting. Good luck, and thanks for working on this!


  5. Gina says:

    @ameszaros Using Instagram is a great way to connect our users with the institution. Your brief gave me some great ideas of engaging our patrons with the gallery exhibits. Great job!


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