Glorified Nature

Thinking back to my post about Last Child in the Woods and how the book glorifies nature. While I do believe that nature is valuable and it is important to take time in nature there is another side of nature that we do not always think about: the truth that we can enjoy nature because at the end of the day we go back to our warm comfortable homes with electricity and running water.

This is not the case of everybody. In Roughing it in the Bush Susanna Moody wrote about how she left the wealth and privilege in England to settle in the backwoods of Upper Canada. While at first Moody saw beauty in nature, she soon came to realize the harsh realities of her new home. Water did not come from a well, but from the creek. There was no house on their property, so it needed to be built. Comfort was not easily come by. Moody wrote that eventually she came to love Canada, but did not at first.

I stand by my belief that nature is something that we should value and not fear, but at the same time we need to be sure that we do not glorify it too much. I for one, would not like to live in a time and place where people lived in the forest with few creature comforts and few companions other than black flies and mosquitoes.

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1 Response to Glorified Nature

  1. Beth Meszaros says:

    Nature is to be respected not glorified. We are the stewards who are given the task to care for the natural world around us. There are many harsh realities about this task. At this time in our History we can learn to appreciate our outside world and then return to our creature comforts. These comforts are privileges that are not absolutely necessary for human life to exist. Moody learned to live in the bush without electricity, motor vehicles and close neighbours or relatives if push came to shove we could also learn to do this but would resent it more.


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